Is it possible to lose weight over Christmas?


Does even the thought of Christmas cause your waistline to grow? Does the prospect of endless parties leave you feeling helpless? You'll try to refrain but then .. oh well there goes another glass of wine.

In a season of excess it's hard to be the one that says no. Here are our top 3 tips for surviving the festive season without needing a new wardrobe. You may even find you lose a pound or two!

 Image courtesy of Claude Hugenot 

Image courtesy of Claude Hugenot 



  1. Enjoy the good stuff! You've heard it before but it really does work. Fill your plate with vegetables and you'll have less room (and inclination) to eat that extra mince pie later!
  2. Water works! Not only is it essential to our survival but it is also essential to weight-loss. Try drinking a glass of water before each meal or alternating glasses of wine with water and see the difference!
  3. Replace the carbs and sugar with protein. In the western world we tend to fuel our bodies on carbs and sugar rather than protein. When you reduce your carb/sugar intake and eat more protein your body will naturally go for longer between meals. Simply have one extra slice of turkey and hold back on the roast potatoes!
 Image: Thomas Rola

Image: Thomas Rola


Here at HypnosisHelps we believe in sustainable weight loss. Fad diets don't work. Long term weight loss and maintenance is about replacing bad habits with good ones. Many people struggle with carb cravings or sugar addiction but the trick is to replace these habits with new healthier ones.

And the good news is ... its not so hard. One of the big misconceptions about weight-loss is that it's hard work. However sustainable weight-loss doesn't have to be a struggle. It's about putting the right approach in place and then just getting on with your life!

We'll drink to that!