Boost your self-esteem Part 1


Boost your self-esteem Part 1


Do you believe deep down that you are a good person? Do you feel you deserve to be happy and successful? If the answer is no then you need to work on your self-esteem!



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Self-esteem is often confused with confidence but the two are actually quite different. Self-esteem reflects our deep inner belief about who we are as a person. It is about our sense of worth. Confidence is more about the way in which we present ourselves to the world.

We are not born with low self-esteem, it is something we learn. We learn about ourselves and our value from the people around us. Figures of authority such as parents, relatives and teachers will play a key role in shaping our sense of self-worth. If we are told that we are good people and deserve to be happy then we will believe it. BUT if we are told that we are bad or stupid or that we don’t deserve good things then sadly we will believe it too.

The good news is that you can un-learn these negative learnings. This hypnosis session is about helping you explore the negative beliefs you have about yourself and replace them with more accurate positive ones. All too often negative beliefs stand between us and our dreams. We all deserve a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life. You are not an exception!

If your self-esteem is holding you back then take action now. Listen to Boost your self-esteem today and notice how you can transform your future.

Follow this session with Boost your self-esteem Part 2 for best results.