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Check out our great selection of hypnosis MP3 downloads. Each download is fully researched and created by an accredited therapist. With 12 categories to choose from we cover everything from weight loss to stop smoking, anxiety to sleep. 

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Hypnosis downloads for weight loss 

Our weight-loss downloads cover everything from exercise motivation to emotional eating and sugar cravings.

Researched and produced by qualified hypnotherapists our MP3’s offer professional hypnosis at a fraction of the price. If you are serious about losing weight your journey starts right here:

Hypnosis downloads for confidence & self-esteem

If you're ready to feel more content with who you are then you've come to the right place. Our confidence and self esteem hypnosis downloads can help you get on track.

Hypnosis downloads for stopping smoking

Research shows that you are 15 times more likely to quit smoking with hypnosis than with will-power alone. 

Our hypnosis downloads are exactly the same hypnosis sessions that are used with great success in clinical practice. For the cost of a few packets of cigarettes our downloads can help you not only quit smoking but become a non-smoker for life.

Hypnosis downloads for habits & addictions

If you're looking to overcome a habit or addiction our hypnosis downloads can help. Whether you want to overcome chocolate cravings or tackle alcohol addiction we have the right MP3 download for you. 

Hypnosis downloads for stress & anxiety

Hypnosis is a very powerful technique for reducing stress and anxiety. But don't just take our word for it! Try our selection of hypnosis downloads for stress and anxiety and notice how wonderful it is to feel calm.

Hypnosis downloads for fears & phobias

Is a fear or phobia holding you back? If so look no further. We have hypnosis downloads for a wide range of fears and phobias. Just rest back and listen to the self-hypnosis while all your cares and worries drift away.

Hypnosis downloads for sleep problems

Hypnosis has long been understood to aid restful sleep and help reduce anxiety. This completely drug-free treatment can achieve great results and is completely safe for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

Our hypnosis MP3's will work for everything from chronic insomnia to mild sleep issues. Each MP3 has been carefully researched and achieves great results in clinical practice.

Hypnosis downloads for tests & exams

Don't let fear stand between you and your future. Whether you are suffering from exam nerves or feel anxious about your driving test, our self-hypnosis downloads are just what you need.

Hypnosis downloads for pain relief

Hypnosis is a powerful and effective technique for relieving pain. If you haven't tried it yet, you must! Research shows that hypnosis can help reduce and alleviate a wide range of pain symptoms. This completely safe and drug free treatment is a must for anyone suffering from the effects of chronic pain.

Hypnosis downloads for professional skills

Don't let anxiety or a lack of confidence stand between you and your future. Hypnosis can help you put your best food forward and succeed in your chosen career. Take a look at our professional skills downloads and notice how you can reduce fear and perform to your best.

Hypnosis downloads for relationship problems

If relationship problems are getting you down, look no further. Our hypnosis downloads for relationship problems can help. Listen at home on your phone, tablet or computer and notice how self-hypnosis can transform your future.

Hypnosis downloads for fertility

Hypnosis can help at all stages of your fertility journey. Whether you are looking to become pregnant, recovering from miscarriage or want to feel calm during pregnancy our hypnosis downloads can help.