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When should I listen?

You can listen at any time of the day or night. All our hypnosis sessions come with the option of a wake-up or sleep at the end of the audio (unless stated otherwise).

Many people choose to listen just before they go to bed and it is absolutely fine if you fall asleep during the hypnosis. Your unconscious mind is always awake and listening to the suggestions!

If you prefer to listen during the day you will have the option to wake-up at the end of the audio and feel alert and refreshed.



Most of our downloads range in length from around 30-45 minutes. Ideally set aside an hour if you are listening during the day.


Is hypnosis sleep?

For some people hypnosis feels very like sleep. The difference is that when you are under hypnosis your mind is receptive to positive suggestions.

Unlike sleep, you will have the option to come back to full conscious awareness at the end of the session. Most people feel very relaxed and energised after listening to hypnosis.


Will I do things that I don't want to do?

No, no and no again! This is unfortunately an illusion that stage hypnotists have managed to conjure up - convincing many people that hypnosis is some kind of dark art! The reality is that you can never be made to do anything you don't want to do. Hypnosis is about gaining control not losing it.

Clinical hypnotherapists have no interest in theatre and are bound by a strict code of professional ethics.


But what about stage hypnotists who make people cluck like a chicken?

So every hypnotherapist spends a large part of their career answering this question! What you see on stage is essentially trickery. You simply cannot be forced to do something under hypnosis. However, a small minority of people are not adverse to the idea of clowning around on stage and respond well to hypnosis. The hypnotist will ask the whole audience to do something and will then be able to identify who these highly suggestible people are: these are the people you will see on the stage.


Doesn't hypnosis involve a swinging pendulum?

Not any more! Many years ago hypnotists used a swinging pendulum to create a trance-like state but these days this technique is rarely used. There are much simpler (and less theatrical) ways of inducing a trance. A common technique involves staring at a spot until your eyes get a little tired.


Can I listen on my phone?

Yes this is a great way to listen to our downloads. Simply put your earphones in and find a comfortable place to rest back and relax. Don't forget to put it on airplane mode so you're not disturbed!


Can I listen whilst driving?

NO! This is dangerous and is against all professional guidelines on the safe use of hypnosis. Even if you are a passenger you should not listen over the car sound system in case the recording adversely effects the driver.


Can I listen while I'm at work?

You should only listen to the hypnosis when you are in a quiet place and are not likely to be disturbed. You must not listen whilst operating heavy machinery or in any situation where your attention is required.


Will it definitely work?

Hypnosis is a very effective therapy and the results are good. However it would be inaccurate to suggest that it works 100% of the time for everyone. The success of the therapy largely depends on how receptive you are to the hypnosis and how motivated you are to change. Hypnosis can never force you to do something you don't want to do. If deep down you are not sure you really want to change then you need to look at your motivation first. Many of our categories include a motivational download to help you with this.


Is listening to a recording the same as seeing a therapist?

Our downloads are created by professional hypnotherapists and many of the techniques used will be very similar to those which you would experience in a one-to-one session with a therapist. You will find our products are a much more affordable first option when it comes to treating a range of issues. Our clients report great success rates with the suggestion-based hypnosis that we use.

That said, there are times when a professional hypnotherapist will use advanced techniques which are only possible on a one-to-one basis. You may wish to try out our downloads first and if you feel that there is still something unresolved you can follow up your treatment with an accredited hypnotherapist.


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