Hypnosis can help with a range of fertility issues. Whether you're trying to get pregnant, recovering from miscarriage or want to feel positive during pregnancy, hypnosis offers a safe and relaxing route to wellbeing. Hypnosis can help you:

Fertility hypnosis

  • CALM YOUR mind

  • ReleasE FEELINGS of stress and anxiety

  • Overcome feelings of sadness

  • Overcome unconscious barriers to FERTILITY

  • Increase your general sense of wellbeing


How hypnosis can help fertility and childbirth

Hypnosis is not a magic wand and there is no research to show that it can help you get pregnant or help you keep your pregnancy. However hypnosis can help you reduce stress and increase feelings of calm and it is widely accepted that these are important factors in fertility and childbirth.

After trying for a baby for 2 years I decided to try hypnotherapy. I fell pregnant the same month. It may have been a coincidence but the hypnosis made such a difference to my frame of mind. I’m sure it played a part...
— B.C. Bristol

Hypnosis for getting over a miscarriage 

Hypnosis can help with grief. Whether you are experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, fear, hurt of guilt hypnosis can help you gently release these feelings and move forward with your life. Hypnosis can help you accept where you are now and gain a new perspective. 


Hypnosis downloads for fertility, miscarriage and pregnancy

Take a look at our hypnosis MP3 download selection. You can download your self-hypnosis session on your phone, tablet or computer and listen in the comfort of your own home. For best results listen regularly.


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Interested in the research?

Take a look at what the research is saying about how hypnosis can influence your fertility journey.


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