Fear of flying fix


Fear of flying fix


This hypnosis session has been created in collaboration with experienced airline pilots to help you overcome your fear of flying…


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A flying phobia is extremely common, and hugely restrictive. Often it involves more than a fear of flying itself and may also involve a fear of:

  • Not being in control
  • Being in an enclosed space
  • Turbulence/falling
  • Being so far away from the ground
  • Flying over water/mountains
  • Mechanical failure or pilot error
  • Terrorists

Everyone hears about it when something goes wrong on a plane even though these events are extremely rare. In fact, the odds of being involved in a fatal plane crash are around 1 in every 3.4 million flights*. That’s to say if you took 4 flights a year, every year, you would need to live 850,000 years before you were statistically likely to die in a plane crash! In comparison the odds of being in a fatal car accident are 1 in 20,000.

Logically we know that we are much more likely to be involved in a car accident, yet most of us feel no fear when we step into a car. We see cars traveling safely around us all the time and so we can see that a car accident is unlikely. By comparison we don’t see all the millions of flights that take off and land safely every day. Apart from seeing the occasional con-trail in the sky the only time we hear about air travel is when on those very rare occasions something goes wrong.

Check out this amazing video of all the aircraft that take off and land in Europe over 24 hours:

We know that a fear of flying is irrational, yet this knowledge alone doesn’t stop us from being afraid. That’s because fears and phobias are controlled by our unconscious mind. They have become “automatic” and will rarely respond to reasoning or conscious thought alone. Hypnosis works directly with the unconscious to overcome anxiety and fear. Hypnosis is extremely effective as it communicates with the part of the mind which created the fear in the first place.

Created in collaboration with experienced airline pilots, this download uses accurate information to re-educate your unconscious about how safe you really are when you step on that plane. You will learn to:


  • Reduce anxiety before air travel

  • Feel calm and at airports

  • Feel relaxed whilst in the air

  • Feel calm during turbulence

  • Relax during take off and landing

  • Enjoy air travel more and more


No one was born with a fear of flying, it was learnt. That means that it can be “un-learnt” and this download is all about helping you do just that.

Download Fear of flying fix today and enjoy a future of anxiety-free air travel.

Fear of flying fix
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*Based on OAG Aviation & PlaneCrashInfo.com accident database, 20 years of data (1993 - 2012) for 78 major world airlines.