Quit smoking Parts 1 & 2


Quit smoking Parts 1 & 2

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Our quit smoking program has achieved 80% success in clinical practice. It works by increasing your motivation to quit and helps you decide once and for all to become a non-smoker. These downloads can literally save your life. What have you got to lose?


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This pack includes both of our highly successful quit smoking downloads. These downloads must be listened to a week apart and the pack includes clear instructions on how you will quit smoking. 

Take a look a what each download does: 

Quit Smoking Part 1:

If you are concerned about the impact of smoking on your health and you are ready to quit then this download is for you...

Warnings about the dangers of smoking are pretty much everywhere. You can’t even open a packet of tobacco without being told about the risks to your health. Despite this, many people struggle to quit.

You would think that if you wanted to quit enough you would be able to summon up all your willpower and never touch another tobacco product again. The reality is that very few people are able to quit like this. Smoking is a habit. This means that even when the nicotine has left your system you may still crave a smoke because it is just something you are used to doing.

Fortunately hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to quit. Research suggests that people who use hypnosis are more likely to quit and less likely to return to smoking in the future. Many hypnotherapists get consistently good results with smoking in their practice and this download uses the same therapeutic techniques to help you get that result here.

Results from a study of over 72,000 people found that hypnosis was over three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy and 15 times more effective, than trying to quit alone.
— Journal of Applied Psychology. October 1992: "How One in Five Give Up Smoking"

It works because hypnosis can change the unconscious behaviour that keeps you smoking. Unlike trying to quit with willpower alone hypnosis enables you to change the part of your mind that is directly responsible for you smoking.

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Quit Smoking Part 2:

This second recording in our quit smoking package has been professionally designed to help you kick the habit once and for all...

Once you have listened to Quit smoking part 1 and you have followed the instructions you should listen to Quit smoking part 2 a week later.

This download has been created to help you finally say goodbye to tobacco. It focuses on strengthening your motivation to quit so that the thought of smoking in the future will feel repulsive. Parts of this hypnosis session may be somewhat unsettling but this for a very good reason. The decision you are about to make will have a profound effect on your future health.

You should only listen to the hypnosis if you are prepared to NEVER pick up a tobacco product again. If you are ready to make that choice then this session will give you all the resources you need.


Food for thought ...

Most people that read this won't take action!


They will continue to smoke and dramatically increase their chance of dying from cancer*.

If you are ready to quit smoking then Download our Quit Smoking Pack now.  7 days is all it takes to add years to your life!

Quit smoking Parts 1 & 2
35.99 39.98
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* Smoking is the most important preventable cause of cancer in the world: Cancer Research UK