Hypnosis & confidence/self-esteem research


Research suggests that regular self-hypnosis can have a positive impact on confidence and self-esteem. Research by Pelkala et al (2004) found that:

“individuals who played the self-hypnosis audiotapes … report(ed) the highest levels of self-esteem and serenity, and the least anger/impulsivity, in comparison to the minimal-practice and control groups.”

In particular Kow and Oldridge reported good results using “ego strengthening” suggestions to improve self-esteem in university students:

“susceptible subjects made significant improvements in self-concept after four sessions of hypnotic treatment…”

One of the great benefits of using hypnosis for confidence and self esteem is that it uses the imagination to improve self-image. Techniques can help individuals imagine themselves receiving the support they need for whatever challenges lay ahead. Ruysscheaert (2014) puts this particularly well:

“Hypnosis offers a wealth of tools to work on self-image, from direct suggestions to symbolic and imaginary experiences as the imaginary support circle where one can be surrounded by nurturing and caring people to experience acceptance and support”

A technique known as “hypno-analysis” in combination with the “affect bridge” has also been found to be of great benefit, where experiences which have contributed to low confidence or self-esteem can be safely re-visited and re-processed (Watkins, 1971).


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