Hypnosis for tests & exams


Hypnosis for exam nerves

Very few people enjoy exams. It's hard not to let it all get on top of you. What happens if I fail? What if my mind goes blank? Have I done enough work? It’s probably all gone through your mind. Fortunately hypnosis can help.

 Hypnosis for tests and exams

Hypnosis for tests and exams


It is a well kept secret, but professional hypnotherapists will give you example after example of clients who have had exam success after hypnosis.

It went so much better than I thought! I felt really good the whole way through. I’m so happy that I passed!
— A.W. Newbury

How does hypnosis help exam nerves?

It helps by enabling you to safely and gently release any pressure or anxiety and focus more on the task in hand. After the hypnosis you will notice how your worries fade with every day and (believe it or not) you even find yourself looking forward to your next exam!

Obviously there is no substitute for putting in the hours but hypnosis will help motivate you to keep up the study whilst preparing you to perform to your best on the day. Hypnosis helps you perform by increasing focus and concentration at the times when you need it most. You will find that the moment you sit down to do that exam you will feel calm and alert. Any nervous energy will be converted into pure focused awareness so you can perform to your very best.


Hypnosis for driving test anxiety

If you want to make sure that you drive to the best of your ability on the day of your driving test then you have come to the right place. Hypnosis can help you increase concentration, reduce nerves and enable you to perform to the best of your ability.

Many politicians, business leaders and sports professionals use hypnosis to ensure that their performances are top notch. The same applies to passing your driving test. Hypnosis enables you to convert what would have been nervous energy into pure focus and attention.

Obviously there is no substitute for putting in the work. You will need to have the right number of lessons and study your theory but once you have done everything you can to prepare yourself for your test, hypnosis will give you the extra peace of mind knowing that you can put it all together on the day.

What happens in the hypnosis session?

During the hypnosis session you will rehearse your test day in a deep state of hypnotic relaxation. You will see yourself arriving for the test feeling calm, meeting your examiner and watch yourself driving safely and smoothly whilst listening carefully to the instructions. You will then and see yourself passing your test with flying colors. You will feel the elation and sense of pride in doing so.

How does THE hypnosis work?

The hypnotic visualisation will actually show your brain what you would like to happen. By seeing your successful test under hypnosis you are actually preparing the neural pathways in your brain to make success happen on the day. This technique is a very effective one and is used with great success to enhance performance in all walks of life.


Hypnosis downloads for tests and exams

Take a look at our test and exam downloads. For help with public speaking our Public Speaking page should answer your questions!

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